essentialiving | English
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Overview, focus and balance with the essentialiving planner 2018


The essentialiving planner helps you to give your daily life more structure, in order to easily check the to-dos that are part of life. That way, you won’t have the feeling to be in the driver’s seat and to be running behind all the time. Working with the essentialiving planner clears your mind because it provides an overview. Moreover, the planner helps you to focus and to monitor your balance. All with the goal to find more rest and to have time for fun things.

Focus with the essentialiving workbook


A goal without a plan is just a wish. The essentialiving workbook helps you to make all your dreams and wishes come true. It gives you focus on the things you find most important in life and tools to achieve what you want. As a personal assistant the workbook takes you by the hand and leads you through a number of practical steps. The book helps to clarify, focus, plan your dreams and wishes and make them ultimately true. How amazing!