Best Camping destination in Maharashtra

Best Camping destination in Maharashtra

We will always treasure the memories of pitching a tent amidst the lush vegetation, getting too hot all around the campfire, and falling asleep underneath the stars. Additionally, Maharashtra is graced with a wide variety of lovely and tranquil camping areas that truly sing heaven-sent sanctuary for travellers. So, here are 8 best spots for camping in Maharashtra for a tranquil nature retreat.

1. Pawna

Pawna Lake is a stunning campground that is tucked away about 20 kilometres from the Lonavala train station. Set up camp by the super clean body of water and take in the Western Ghats’ mountain views. Adventure seekers can partake in the area’s outdoor pursuits like river boating or hiking to ancient forts such as Lohagad and Tungi. Pawna is a charming camping location that’s best appreciated by those looking for a relaxing getaway due to its woodsy setting and serene atmosphere.

2. The Fort Tikona

Due to its distinctive triangular shape, Vitandgad also referred to as Tikona, is a significant hill fort in Maharashtra. This fort is located in Pawan Place, a high-priority region and is 3500 feet above the water. It has imposing fortifications, magnificent water tanks, and an elevated door. Trekkers adore Tikona Fort as a camping location. The breathtaking view from the highest redoubt makes the strenuous hike worthwhile.

3. Kolad

For those seeking the best of all worlds and exploration sports—Kolad is an idyllic haven. On the riverbank Kundalika, Kolad is a picturesque location where you can enjoy a cosy campfire night, an adventurous trek, and the water sports you’ve always wanted to try. Camp by the Kundalika river, which flows through the difficult ground of the hilly forest areas, and take in the stunning view of the beautiful mountains. River rafting beginners can take their turn at this water sport in this location, which is only an hour away from Mumbai.

4. Bhandardara

There is no better location in Maharashtra for a romantic camping trip than Bhandardara. Bhandardara, known for its picturesque lake, magnificent sunsets, as well as extraordinary skywatching opportunities, is a slice of heaven for astronomical hobbyists. Set up your tents and telescopes by the lake, then enjoy a romantic night of stargazing with your partner. The fact that this location is frequented by zillions of fireflies, who all emit one glowing brightly simultaneously, makes Bhandardara a heaven-sent camping location.

5. Kaas Plateau

The Kaas Plateau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its abundant floral cover and rich biodiversity. The floristic bonanza of the Kaas Plateau, which is 1200 metres above sea level, draws tourists from all over the nation. While many visitors come here to go on a trek, camping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to take in this place’s picture-postcard beauty. To fully appreciate nature’s bounty, take the less travelled paths and pitch your tent amidst thousands of vibrantly flower petals.

6. Fort Gorakhgad

Last but just not least, add a historical twist to an outdoor experience. Go to the Gorakhgad fort, which has been standing strong for more than a century. This location is where Saint Gorakhnath performed his Sadhana, giving the fort its name of Gorakhgad. Locals were so motivated by this place that they wrote calming hymns and devotional songs in its honour. Despite the fort’s diminutive size, it has a comfortable lodging area and access to plenty of water. In addition to visiting the nearby dam, campers can explore the area.

These are six of the best places to camp in Maharashtra, including ancient forts, tranquil ponds, and a floral haven. Put these locations on your bucket list, prepare tents, and start exploring Maharashtra’s natural beauty in style.

7. Matheran

Matheran, which is near Charlotte Lake, is only a few hours drives from Mumbai’s continent. There are cascading waterfalls and a lot of greenery there. This may be the best location in Maharashtra for camping. Even though Matheran could be a little expensive, the website is totally worth it. Different regulations apply to campsites in this area. The lecturers here support the concept of self-service.

Travellers are given a comprehensive manual for guidance. There are all available resources available, but visitors must use them on their own initiative.

8. Rajmachi

Manaranjan and Shrivardhan, two forts, make up Rajmachi Fort. From the Mumbai–Pune Expressway, it is easily visible on the right side of Borghat. The fort towers at 2710 ft ) above sea level and provide a spectacular view of the Sahyadri mountain ranges and the Shirota Dam’s backwaters.

Rajmachi hailed as one of the highest traffic tourist spots, is a well-getaway location and is encircled by breathtaking waterfalls and verdant landscape. The locals are extraordinarily welcoming and go above and beyond to versions feel welcome.

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