Built-In Robes: Smart Storage Solutions for All


It happens almost every day when you end up confused when looking at wardrobe options by the plethora of choices at your discretion. To make your decision easier, here’s the best option available for you to consider, Built-in robes.

The modern solution to the age-old storage problem with an added touch of class! Before we dive into the advantages of this type of wardrobe, let us first understand what it means.

Built-in robes are customized and integrated closets that fit your bedroom walls’ cavity. Once fitted into the wall of your room, these closets will be immovable and fit perfectly into your room’s dimensions. These are custom designs according to the prospective buyer’s taste and storage space requirements.

5 Advantages of Having Built-In Robes:

  1. Tailor-Made To Your Design 

These wardrobes are built as per the design requirements of the client. The dimensions will be customized as per the wall of your room, but the design too would be as per the client’s liking. You can make these closets from materials ranging from solid wood to laminated wood, depending on the choice of the prospective buyer. Similarly, the wardrobe’s colour, style, and finish can be custom-made. They provide excellent structure and aesthetic value to the overall vibe of your house.

  1. Spacious 

This type of wardrobe is extremely useful in utilizing the given space where you want it built. It maximizes the space value of one’s room by providing ample scopes to make cabinet space as per the liking and needs of the client. Prospective buyers can have custom-made cabinets for their suits, shoes, accessories, etc., by deciding the amount of space they want to dedicate to each such cabinet.

  1. Complements The Interior of The Home

Since they come in custom designs, the client has the option to decide on a design that complements the overall interior design/decor of your house. These kinds of closets add style and variety to your home.

On the other hand, pre-made wardrobes can sometimes be highly tacky in design or colour and do not always go with the design of your rooms. Having a choice to decide on a design that complements your home brings a lot of options to stay up-to-date with the modern techniques in the interior market.

  1. Easier Maintenance and Cleaning 

Since they are fitted from the ceiling to the floor of the rooms, it becomes much easier for one to clean these wardrobes since there will be no accumulation of dust on the tops and no hassle to move and clean the floor or walls behind. This type of wardrobe also eliminates the chance of having cobwebs between walls and the back of the cabinet, which is very common in the case of pre-built wardrobes.

  1. Durability And Long-Term Investment

A built-in robe is an excellent long-term investment considering that a prospective buyer would go for a durable material and efficient design and storage space that complements their needs. In the case of a pre-built wardrobe, the common concern becomes durability.  However, in the case of these wardrobes, there’s no such doubt since these are more durable and are an excellent tangible investment for a perfect home.

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Another significant benefit of fitted wardrobes is that they allow integrated lights to be fitted in the cabinets. A pre-built wardrobe has zero to no illumination inside it, and this problem is easily solved in fitted wardrobes since it is so easy and convenient to use and highly customisable based on one’s needs. Buyers often prefer LED strip lights since it uses less power and provides perfect illumination in the cabinets or showcase section.


Built-In Robes: Smart Storage Solutions for All

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