Essentialiving offers you practical tools which enable you to focus on what actually matters to you. Tools for a clear mind that enjoys everything you choose.

Choose what’s really important

Hi, I am Gaby, essentialist and the person behind Essentialiving. I want to make the world a little bit more positive by helping people to find more serenity and space in their lives. My tools teach you to remove things that aren’t important to you. Remove until what’s left is essential to you, so you can focus on that. What you’ll get in return are serenity and space. A life with things that matter to you. So what’s the difference with minimalism? It’s not about living with as little as possible, but about a life with just the things that you find essential. It’s your call!


For whom?

My tools are for everyone who requires practical advice to focus on what really matters and to banish everything else. So you can regain control, without being behind the times. Are you really far away from that and are you trying to keep several balls in the air? Or do you feel that you would like more serenity and space in your life, but don’t know how to accomplish that? Or perhaps you have known for quite some time that removing things and making conscious choices grant you freedom, and you’re looking for inspiration? Wherever you are on the path to become ‘a happy essentialist’, Essentialiving has the answers.


What does it provide?

Serenity and space. And that gives you freedom. The only thing you have to do, is remove what’s not on your list of important things. That applies to all areas: items, time, relationships, … Remove until you have left what really provides quality of life. My tools help you to clear your head and enjoy all the things that you choose. They teach you to focus on what you really want. You can probably already imagine that this will give you an incredible feeling of freedom. Despite the raised eyebrows that you might see in your environment, because you consciously make other choices.


More about me

I love what’s authentic. I dislike fake. That reflects in all the things I do. My food preferences, my belongings and the people I have around me. Authenticity also expresses itself in my clear language. There are people who call that direct, but I say it’s no-nonsense. You have to call a spade a spade. If you really want something, do it! I’m about the main point! I’ve always been able to determine the essence – in school and in business. So I also know what to ignore. That’s a must for an essentialist. Finally, I’m just a human being: crossing out doesn’t take any effort, but the reactions of the people around me don’t always leave me cold. Do they think I’m weird because I want to live in a smaller home? Somewhere the idea that I have to live up to certain expectations is always there.



What are the things that you can’t live without?

Essentialism is the sister of the somewhat more austere minimalism. For essentialism, it’s not about living with as little as possible, but about living with everything that’s important to you. You don’t ask yourself: “what can I get rid of?” but rather, “What are the things that you can’t live without?”. A substantial difference. A life based on what’s essential to you is about celebrating everything and everyone that’s most important to you. The biggest challenge of an essentialist is to discover what makes your eyes shine, what makes you happy and what’s essential to you. And, very important, removing what’s redundant. Indeed, essentialism doesn’t like excess. Removal is just a means, not a goal by itself. Essentialism is living with what’s essential to you as its guiding principle. You focus on what’s important to you and dispose of all the things that distract you from that. Don’t just think about items! Essentialism is applicable to all aspects of life. Time, relationships, even the things you eat…


Why essentialism?

Abundance is everywhere. We have more opportunities in life than we could ever take. More wishes than we could ever fulfil. And more to do then we could ever handle. When you don’t make conscious decisions, life can be filled with things that are alright, but not with what’s really important to you. Shame, isn’t it? Choosing just the things that are essential will give you serenity and space. Both in your head and in your life. Who doesn’t want that?


How to recognize an essentialist?

What Non-essentialist Essentialist
Thinks  💭 I must I choose
everything is important just a number of things are genuinely important
how to do everything? what to do, what not to do?
Does    👊🏻 everything, reactive Only things he/she focuses on, proactive
Says ‘yes’ without thinking says ‘no’ except to things that are essential
things in part, in absence and skips through things mindfully, present and in the moment
Feels   ❤ stuck in life free
Overwhelmed and exhausted energetic and happy
derailed in control


(Based on “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown. Supplemented by my own views)


Also want to be more of an essentialist?

Have you become enthusiastic? I would like to help you to get more serenity and space in your life. Because I know that serenity and space gives a feeling of freedom, and I wish for everyone to experience that! I have developed several tools that help you focus on what’s important.