Ideas To Decorate Your Home With A Mauve Color Palette

Ideas To Decorate Your Home With A Mauve Color Palette

Mauve is a gorgeous colour that you can use to add sophistication and elegance to any room in your home. This blog post will provide different ideas for decorating with a mauve colour palette. We will also include pictures of rooms that have been decorated using this colour scheme and ideas for suitable furniture, decor items, area rugs, window treatments, and more!

If pink is the new black, then mauve is the new pink. You probably don’t give mauve enough consideration, especially considering how transformative and versatile it can be. Mauve is a pale purple hue that can appear pink or violet depending on the light. It is named after a flower. You’ll wonder why you haven’t painted everything in your home mauve as it works so well in many different ways. We’ve gathered ten ideas to help you integrate this hue into your home.

1. Swap A Neutral For Mauve

You can use mauve as you would any other neutral. Swapping mauve means that it can go almost anywhere in your home. Use it in your living room on the walls or even on all four walls for a soft and calming feeling. Mauve is also great for bedrooms, particularly if you want a romantic vibe.

2. Embrace The Romance

Consider mauve if you want to add a delicate hint of romance to your space but are sick of pink. Mauve is a beautiful, refined, and delicate shade with just the right amount of richness. It’s perfect for creating an elegant and timeless feel in any room. Maintain a modern vibe with cleaner lines and new elements like marble and stone that are timeless.

3. Mauve For Kids’ Room

A mauve is also a great option for kids’ rooms. It’s playful and fun without being too childish. You can easily transition it to a more grown-up space as your child ages. Mauve is a fun alternative to blue or pink in a child’s or teenager’s room. Mix mauve with bright purples and pinks to create any bedroom space with an upbeat springtime vibe. You can also place purple rugs or curtains in a room with mauve walls to add a pop of colour and personality.

4. Soften A Room With Mauve

If you want to soften a room with mauve, consider using it on the walls and ceiling. Mauve will give the room an overall feeling of tranquillity. For a more romantic vibe, add in some lace or velvet accents. Mix a mauve room with metallics like gold or silver to make it feel luxurious.

5. Mauve And Gray

One of the most popular colour combinations right now is mauve and grey. You can use this combo in various ways to create different feels in a space. For a more modern look, use mauve as an accent colour with grey walls. You can also mix shades of mauve and grey to create a more dynamic look.

6. Combine It With Gold Accents

Mauve is a bold hue, which makes it great for matching with bolder accents such as brass or gold. Pair it with strong accents to keep it from feeling childlike. Since mauve can quickly go from chic to too sweet, combining it with sophisticated elements in a room, including such subtle linen and unlacquered brass, is best. You can also hang a chandelier in your room for a more luxurious feel.

7. Mauve Is The New Millennial Pink

Move over, blush pink—mauve is the new go-to shade for all things feminine. Mauve has a slightly earthier quality than blush, making it more versatile and easier to pair with other colours. It’s also great to add a pop of colour without going too bright. Mauve can be used in various ways, from accent walls to statement pieces.

8. Use Mauve In Kitchen

If you want to add some colour to your kitchen without being too bold, mauve is a fantastic choice. You can paint your cabinets or walls in a light mauve shade or go for a more dramatic look with darker hues. Mauve goes well with both white and wood tones, so you can mix and match to create your perfect look.

9. Pair It With Marble

Mauve and marble make a beautiful combination. If you have marble countertops or floors, consider adding mauve accents to make them pop. You can use mauve paint, tiles, or fabric to create a cohesive look.

10. Add Some Glamour With Mauve Curtains

Mauve curtains are a fantastic method to add a touch of glitz and glitz to your area. Hang them in your living room or bedroom to instantly elevate the look of the space. You can also use mauve fabric to upholster furniture or make throw pillows.

11. Use Mauve In Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so make it count. Paint the walls or add a mauve rug to give the space a touch of luxury. You can also use mauve accents to make your entryway pop. For a more beautiful look in your entryway, hang a mirror with a mauve frame or add a few mauve vases.

12. Pair Mauve With Black And White

Mauve looks great when paired with black and white. This colour palette is perfect for a modern or contemporary home. To use this colour palette in your home, paint the walls mauve and add black and white accents throughout the space. You can also use mauve fabric to upholster furniture or make throw pillows.

13. Weave It In Through Accents

To add a touch of chic colours to your space, you don’t have to go all-out mauve. Instead, look for wallpaper patterns with small mauve accents or fold-in accent pieces like a lamp, throw pillow, or piece of art to add a pop of colour.

We like to check out unusual colours like mauve in less-used places like a walk-in closet or a den to see how you respond to them before introducing them to more highly trafficked places.

14. Add Area Rug

Consider an area rug if you want to experiment with mauve without making a big commitment. Mauve rugs can help to ground a space and add a touch of luxury. You can find them in various materials, from wool to cotton, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. RugKnots has a great selection of mauve area rugs at various price points.

Final Thoughts

Mauve is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home without going over the top. You can make a space pop by incorporating it into your decor in small doses. With so many shades of mauve to choose from, you’re sure to find one perfect for your home. Thanks for reading!

What are your favourite ways to decorate with mauve? Please share them with us in the comments below!



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