Top Tips to Help Choose A Wardrobe Design

Designers spend hours designing the wardrobes. This space is important because it doubles as storage and adds beauty to the room. A well-designed wardrobe will enhance the interior design of your room. Apart from the designs, you need to save your floor space while you install your wardrobes. In this case, you can choose a wardrobe designed with multiple shelve and drawers, and you can customize the same with the best quality materials.

Type of Wardrobe

Top Tips to Help Choose A Wardrobe Design

There are two types of wardrobes: built-in or standalone. For families who move often, a standalone wardrobe will be ideal. These wardrobes can be easily moved. Built-in wardrobes, on the other side, are a permanent storage solution and can be used as a changing area depending on how much space is available.

Remember the Size of Your Wardrobe

Before measuring, measure your floor space to get an idea of the size. You must also consider the height of your wardrobe to ensure you have enough space for hanging clothes and arranging them on the shelves.

Adults should have a wardrobe that measures 45 inches. You should remember that adding wardrobes to a room does not cause suffocation. It doesn’t block natural light or cramp the space.

Be Careful With the Type of Wardrobe You Choose

Wardrobe design plays a major role in the interior of your bedroom. If you install a large wardrobe in your small apartment then it will occupy a major area of your floor. It will make your room cluttered. You can customize your wardrobes according to your needs and you must measure the installation area before you customize the same. You can buy a readymade one or hire a carpenter to design your wardrobes.

Take care of the storage

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Once you’re satisfied with the design, it is time to consider the functional aspects of the wardrobe.

You may need to purchase a wardrobe with ample storage space.

The functionality of wardrobe furniture such as mirrors, drawers, and dashboard is crucial. The number of accessories you have will determine the size of your drawers.

Wardrobe Material Is Important

A wardrobe can be a costly investment. You can’t move your clothes from one closet to the next.

Hardwood is the best material for a wardrobe, but it is important to ensure that it is free of termites, so your clothes don’t become damaged.

Remember Your Clothes

Keep track of how many clothes you have for each season. Also, keep track of any other items such as underwear and handkerchiefs. It will help you visualize the storage space better, assisting you in designing your wardrobe. The number of clothes that will fit in your wardrobe will determine the amount of hanging space and drawers required.

Type of door

It is important to consider the door style when choosing a door design. Although swing doors are more traditional than others, they take up less space. Sliding doors on the other side look great and add a modern touch to any room. Sliding doors are more efficient in small spaces, as they don’t occupy empty spaces.

Before you buy or design the wardrobe

This will dictate how large and where the wardrobe will be placed. This will determine whether the room can accommodate a walk-in or niche wardrobe or a standalone wardrobe with hinges or sliding shutters. To make your design efficient, you need to know what storage space is needed. Sometimes, drawers and shelves might be more suitable for your needs.

Bedroom wardrobe: How do you choose the right closet or wardrobe?

There are four easy steps to choosing a bedroom wardrobe.

  1. Type of bedroom wardrobe

Demountable wardrobes are useful because they can be easily moved to other rooms or locations as needed.

  1. Measurement of bedroom wardrobe

Before buying a bedroom closet, take measurements of the room’s floor space and ceiling height. For dresses and trousers, a length of 45 inches is normal. However, clothing for children may be placed at an elevation of around 30 inches. The maximum length of the shelves should not exceed 15 inches. Your clothing should be easily accessible. Make sure that your bedroom wardrobe does not block any light sources.

  1. Bedroom Wardrobes

A bedroom wardrobe should be matched with your decor and furniture. Bedroom wardrobes with elaborate door handles and knobs are a great choice for a spacious bedroom. If you’re looking for an elegant, minimalistic and aesthetic design, open bedroom wardrobes with no doors are a good option.

  1. Bedroom Closet: Storage Options

Consider your clothing collection to determine what kind of shelving you need. You should ensure that your bedroom closet has enough space to hold formal and gown-like clothing.


Especially with so many options, picking the best wardrobe for your area can be challenging.


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