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The irrigation water quality indices were composed of 3 main criteria and 11 sub-criteria. Based on irrigation water quality indices, four suitability classes have been identified as a excellent, b good, c permissible, and d unsuitable. Irrigation water quality maps were created by using kriging method and the water quality index scores. The temporal variation of irrigation water quality was evaluated using the models created for July , , and years.

Irrigation Water Quality Problems in a Plant Nursery

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In order to characterize, classify and evaluate the suitability of Medjerda River water for irrigation, a hydrochemical assessment was conducted. In this paper, hydrographical methods and PHREEQC geochemical program were used to characterize water quality of Medjerda River, whereas its suitability for irrigation was determined in accordance with its electrical conductivity EC , sodium adsorption ratio SAR and sodium concentrations. It was established that the water samples were undersaturated with calcite, dolomite, aragonite, anhydrite, gypsum and halite except in one water sample which is supersaturated with carbonate minerals. The quality assessment of Medjerda River for irrigation purposes showed that some points belonged to the excellent-to-good and good-to-permissible irrigation water categories, while the remaining ones were classified as doubtful to unsuitable for irrigation making the river water use limited to plants with high salt tolerance. Moreover, based on FAO guidelines, almost all water samples may cause immediate salinity to gradual increasing problem but no soil infiltration problems except for two sampling points. However, immediate development or possible increasing of severe toxicity problems may be caused by the continuous use of this water for irrigation due to troublesome concentrations of chloride and sodium. Water needed for irrigation of cultivated land is being degraded in terms of quantity and quality due to growing demand for the use of water.

Case Study: Controlling quality of irrigation water with IoT to improve crops production

Al-Saffawi and Ahmed J. The results of the IWQI values indicated that the water quality of the wells was of an excellent category for irrigation, as the values ranged between 23, to 30, This improvement in quality is due to the fact that most of the studied parameters did not exceed the permissible confines for irrigation. Al-Saffawi, A.
Received date: 24 September, ; Accepted date: 26 October, Visit for more related articles at Journal of Industrial Pollution Control. The present study has carried out in a Marakkanam block, Villupuram district, Tamilnadu to find out a groundwater quality for drinking and irrigation suitability.

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